Wild Flower

Verse 1

Shrouded in a cloak of darkness,

I'll fade into the night, to the lure of the city.

Hoping to discover a path of gold

Myths and dreams are now dissolved


Backs are turned, people dismiss,

The cracks in the pavement so easy to miss.

Amongst the grey grows a wild flower,

But the streets of London are far too sour.

In the distance the bowbells sing,

My, sad, story.

Oblivious to the autumn leaves dancing to,

My, sad, story.

Verse 2

In a city of fools, I became one too

My deathly prelude this goes out to you

The smog of the city, where are the stars

A world of only street lights and cars

Chorus, instrumental bridge then final chorus

Mountain Mystery (check demos)

Verse 1

Rocks flee my presence,

As I hike a road, made for no soul.

The air is thick, the sky is a trick,

Safeties a luxury I lack.

Stones, skid of the cliff with my faith,

Prevailed with a hex, but that's okay.

I'll go on a trip, to the top of this mountain,

I'll find myself before I come down.


There is light in the flames,

After fire, there is dark.

To burn out is to die,

In the fire I find strength.

My athame, is my heart,

The stars are my map.

The breath of a dragon, wolf without a pack,

So i'll start, my, own.

Verse 2

A devlish grin, and eyes of coal,

My fate cannot be be sealed, nor foretold.

Clouds of anguish, try to blind me,

But no one but myself can blind me.

Alone I walk, I mark my pathway with chalk,

Guidelines that rain and time will wash away.

I'll go on a trip, to the top of this mountain,

I'll find myself before I come down.

Chorus, instrumental bridge and final chorus

New Dawn

Verse 1

What the news doesn’t broadcast are the whispers in the trees,

And though it seems comedic, it’s a scary thought to me.

The branches towards the sun, where the elite perch,

Ironic really, out of sight,

And us in the dark to their delight.

The tree of life, a cycle of strife.


You may say I’m an over thinker,

But its better to think than not at all.

If two heads are better than one,

I’ll give you a coin and we can both flip one.

And if luck is on our side, then maybe we can turn the tide,

And bring about a new dawn.

Verse 2

Queue the Rapid racing, the burning in my lungs.

Fleeing from thin air, what have I begun?

I scoffed, I mean, I knew this wouldn’t last.

Back to the start and face to face,

With the ghost back from my past.

The once iridescent figure, now cellophane,

The bane of my existence, abundant in persistence.

Incident light on the Prism prison,

With the nickname life, has attributes like:

Deception of freedom and of power,

You are your only true endower.


But now I have a dream today,

the good and bad will mediate.

The branches will grow, see eye to eye,

and we can live before we die.

Final Chorus